Sentence Examples

  • Rabi`, the chief promoter of the terrible civil war which had so lately shaken the empire.
  • His brother, Michel Augustin Thouret (1748-1810), a physician, was a keen opponent of the ideas of Mesmer and a promoter of vaccination in France.
  • Although excluded by a majority of the House from the list of the managers of that impeachment, Francis was none the less its most energetic promoter, supplying his friends Burke and Sheridan with all the materials for their eloquent orations and burning invectives.
  • The promoter of the faith, popularly called the "devil's advocate" (advocates diaboli), is the defendant, whose official duty is to point out to the tribunal the weak points of the case.
  • The main promoter of the league was Pope Pius V., but the bulk of the forces was supplied by the republic of Venice and Philip II.