Sentence Examples

  • He is a big proponent of developing time management skills, and he partners with the company Franklin Covey to provide time management products, like day planners and organizing products.
  • Radin met and become close friends with Scrubs actor Zach Braff, who became a big proponent of his music.
  • A scientific proponent of GMOs might use a definition that puts a positive spin on this practice: "Genetically modifying organisms in order to enhance the nutritional value or improve the hardiness for the sake of increased crop yield."
  • But according to Dr. Joseph Mercola M.D., a well known holistic health proponent, vitamin K is also important for preventing heart disease and building strong bones.
  • Nelson has been a long time proponent of legalizing pot use, and two days prior, he had made a renewed appeal for the decriminalized of the drug's use while on a Texas political campaign on behalf of governor candidate Kinky Friedman.