Sentence Examples

  • PUBLIUS SERVILIUS RULLUS, Roman tribune of the people in 64 B.C., well known as the proposer of one of the most far-reaching agrarian laws brought forward in Roman history.
  • He increased the number of senators to goo and introduced provincials into that body; but instead of making it into a grand council of the empire, representative of its various races and nationalities, he treated it with studied contempt, and Cicero writes that his own name had been set down as the proposer of decrees of which he knew nothing, conferring the title of king on potentates of whom he had never heard.
  • In the Constituent Assembly, where he sat as deputy for Dourdan, he professed liberal views, and was the proposer of various financial laws.
  • Candidates are nominated in writing by a nomination paper signed by a proposer and seconder, and subscribed by eight other assenting county electors of the division; and in the event of there being more valid nominations than vacancies a poll has to be taken in the manner prescribed by the Ballot Act 1872.
  • The Athenian procedure against the proposer of an unconstitutional law - i.e.