Clear and Compelling One Pager Examples

Updated December 13, 2022
woman handing out corporate one pager
    woman handing out corporate one pager
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A one-pager, also known as a one-sheet or flier, is a one-page document that provides an overview of a service, company, product, or person. Effective one-pagers can quickly turn a reader into a customer or investor. They are a staple of any marketing department, but in recent years, one-pagers have also made their way into the classroom.

Elements of a One-Pager

Content and style are the most important parts of a one-pager. A visually appealing one-pager with concise wording is more likely to get – and keep – a reader’s attention. Other aspects of a one-pager include:

  • Data (charts, statistics, or testimonials from satisfied customers)
  • Pictures or illustrations
  • Diagrams that are easy to understand
  • Awards that the business has received
  • Contact information

The key to a great one-pager is balancing these parts in a stylistic way. Well-organized one-pagers are more effective than those with long paragraphs or too many images.


Company One-Pager Examples

A company one-pager is meant to convince a reader to try a product or service. Marketing departments also use one-pagers for potential investors, in which case they include more information about the company as a whole. Here are two examples of company one-pagers.

One-Pager for Customers

One-pagers that target customers should address why this product or service is perfect for them. They should also inform readers how they are a superior choice over their competitors. Check out how an organic baby clothes store may reach out to their customers with a one-pager.

baby clothing store one-pager example

Zoobaby corporate one pager example

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One-Pager for Investors

Sometimes companies need to summarize their history in a one-pager for potential investors. The one-pagers typically include the business’s long-term mission and short-term objectives. They feature the company’s past successes while emphasizing the need to move forward.

company one-pager example

Emerge investors one pager example

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One-Pager Examples for Students

A one-pager project is a fun way for students to express themselves and demonstrate what they’ve learned. Like marketing one-pagers, these assignments must get a lot of information across in a stylistic way. Here are two examples of one-pager projects from different subjects and grade levels. You can use either example as a one-pager template for your own creation.

One-Pager for Elementary Students

Even students who love to read hate writing book reports. One-pagers can encourage students to bring the essence of a book to an easy-to-read format. An example of an elementary level one-pager for English language arts might look like this:

Matilda book report one-pager example

Matilda elementary one pager

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One-Pager for High School Students

Ideal for conveying large amounts of information in creative ways, one-pagers are an asset for any science, math, or history class. High schoolers who struggle with remembering facts and data may thrive when it comes to creating one-pagers.

science one-pager example

Brain high school one pager

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Other Uses of One-Pagers

One-pagers aren’t just for the business and education world. These groups regularly use the easy and informational format of one-pagers, too.

  • Musicians promoting a concert or gig
  • Actors going out for an audition
  • Protestors getting the word out
  • Election campaigns publicizing their candidate
  • Charities advertising events or opportunities to donate

More Ways to Promote Yourself

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