Sentence Examples

  • He was, too, one of the few monarchs who have left to their successors reasoned programmes of reform for the state.
  • Persons keeping private primary schools are free with regard to their methods, programmes and books employed, except that they may not use books expressly prohibited by the superior council of public instruction.
  • Pp. 1-90, with conspectus of programmes in the appendix (1889); A.
  • It was enlarged and improved, the sale of drink was forbidden, and miscellaneous programmes of music, drama, and lectures were embarked upon.
  • Miquel had entirely given up his Liberalism, and aimed at practical measures for improving the condition of the people irrespective of the party programmes; yet some of his measures - such as that for taxing "Waarenhauser" (stores) - were of a very injudicious nature.