Sentence Examples

  • For example: "Idaho programmer" becomes "Idaho programmer XSLT Python telecommute." Simply mixing up your search may yield more leads - and more e-mail addresses for your shiny, polished resume.
  • When you look for web design templates on the Internet, you'll discover that there are designs written in various programming languages, depending on the programmer that created it and the purpose of the template.
  • To help development along and ensure the series didn't stray too far from its roots Yuji Naka (one of Sonic's initial character designers and lead programmer) along with Hirokazu Yasuhara were sent along too.
  • Sometimes the information gathered by the script lets the programmer behind-the-scenes know how they can exploit weaknesses in your browser to install of viruses, malware, or spam-generating programs.
  • Meanwhile, some security experts urge system administrators and small business owners to take the unusual step of installing an unofficial fix created by Russian computer programmer Ilfak Guilfanov.