Sentence Examples

  • This coffee pot has three important time saving features; a programmable start time, the pause and serve feature, and an auto shut off which can be adjusted from one to four hours.
  • One of the key features of alarm clocks with programmable snoozes is that the amount of time between the first alarm and the resounding of the second or subsequent alarms after a snooze can be programmed and customized.
  • With the Delonghi programmable 4 cup coffee maker, you get the same carafe and basic construction as the full size DC50 model, except with a Digital Timer on the right side as well as electronic control on the front.
  • Programmable Thermostats: A programmable thermostat gives homeowners the ability to adjust heating and cooling temperatures to match different schedules so no energy is wasted when the home is empty.
  • A programmable digital interface, one of the most recent additions to GE's toaster oven family, is perfect for selecting the best option for cooking a particular type of food.