Voice-mail-jail definitions

The predicament a caller finds himself in when reaching an automated attendant that does not provide a menu option for reaching a live, human attendant. As the automated attendant feature is programmable, the network administrator failing to enable the feature can be characterized as being in violation of the Geneva Conventions dealing with the treatment of prisoners and civilians, and should be prosecuted as such. Fortunately, there are means by which a prisoner can organize a voice mail jailbreak. Unfortunately, the means vary by voice mail system and company. Usually, a prisoner can zero out, i.e., depress the zero (0) button on the keypad, sometimes repeatedly, to reach a human being. Sometimes, the hash (#) button works. Sometimes, it is the asterisk (*) or the nine (9) button. Sometimes, the process is more complicated. A simple search on the Web for "voice mail jail" will lead to a Web site with jailbreak instructions for many companies' voice mail jails. See also #, automated attendant, Geneva Convention, human, and voice mail.