Sentence Examples

  • Ramseyer, his wife and infant son (the child died of privation shortly afterwards), and Mr J.
  • Prisons were relapsing into their former horrid state of privation, filthiness, severity and neglect."
  • An illness brought on by toil and privation forced him to leave his work to others for nearly a year, but in August 1598 he returned to his field of labour, and in October of that year practically the whole country was Catholic again.
  • Rejoining his regiment, then in the garrison at Auxonne, after a furlough of twenty-one months, the young officer went through a time of much privation, brightened only by the study of history and cognate subjects.
  • The long preparation and training, bought by privation and uncongenial toil, was over, and he was ready to apply himself to the scientific study of sacred letters.