Sentence Examples

  • The hip movements and hand motions worked in conjunction to tell a story or to ask for favors, such as good harvest or fertility, from pre-Christian gods.
  • The women of Crete in the pre-Christian days apparently had no time for a slow tease -- they went for a full-blown frontal assault!
  • Pre-Christian pagan cultures held a belief in a female deity, drawn from Norse culture, that represented fertility and marriage.
  • The word is not found in pre-Christian writings except in the Septuagint, though as Deissmann has shown it is found on the Papyri as an official title for the village magistrates of Egypt and the members of the yEpovoia, or senate, of many towns in Asia Minor.
  • In the rock beneath the city there are some remarkable catacombs in part of pre-Christian origin, but containing evidence of early Christian burial; and a grotto, reputed to have given shelter to the apostle, is pointed out below the church of San Paolo.