Sentence Examples

  • The pomps and ceremonies which were traditional in the East were to be continued.
  • Abjuring pomps and vanities, its citizens observed the ascetic regime of the cloister; half the year was devoted to abstinence and few dared to eat meat on the fasts ordained by Savonarola.
  • His sage counsels had melted away before the glance of beauty and the pomps of life.
  • (The candidate for baptism, we further learn from his tract On Baptism, prepared himself by prayer, fasting and keeping of vigils.) Before stepping into the font, which both sexes did quite naked, the neophytes had to renounce the devil, his pomps and angels.
  • The English prayer-book excludes them, as it also excludes the renunciation of the devil and all his angels, his pomps and works.

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