Sentence Examples

  • The first commercial instant camera's name, Polaroid Land Camera Model 95, made official use of the name "Land Camera" but most of the time the term refers to a type of instant camera manufactured by Polaroid.
  • Have your paparazzi use Polaroid cameras if you'd like your guests to have a keepsake of their arrival or use digital cameras and create an online scrapbook of the event after the fact.
  • Even though Polaroid digital cameras capture candid photos perfectly well, analog enthusiasts feel there's something special about holding a photo and watching it come to life.
  • This fascination with old-school photography has Polaroid enthusiasts wondering if the company will revitalize its once thriving line of instant film cameras.
  • When Polaroid dropped production of its instant film in 2008, it created an empty space in a market niche that it had dominated for over for 60 years.