Sentence Examples

  • The bazaar fly Musca sorbens lays its eggs in human feces that can be contaminated with trachoma bacteria.
  • - Vermiform Larva (maggot) of House-fly (Musca domestica).
  • Genera: Oestrus, Tipula, Musca, Tabanus, Culex, Empis, Conops, Asilus, Bombylius, Hippobosca.
  • Apart from the house-fly proper (Musca domestica), which in England is the usual one, several species of flies are commonly found in houses; e.g.
  • The Stomoxys calcitrans, or stable-fly; Pollenia rudis, or cluster-fly; Muscina stabulans, another stablefly; Calliphora erythrocephala, blue-bottle fly, blow-fly or meatfly, with smaller sorts of blue-bottle, Phormia terraenovae and Lucilia Caesar; Homalomyia canicularis and brevis, the small house-fly; Scenopinus fenestralis, the black window-fly, &c. But Musca domestica is far the most numerous, and in many places, especially in hot weather and in hot climates, is a regular pest.