Sentence Examples

  • Other people enjoy posting video podcasts of their sports techniques on various message forums, as a means of getting feedback from professionals and peers.Video podcasting is an idea whose time has come.
  • One of the more positive changes that social networking is having on the world is in the form of podcasts, and how podcasting in education is changing the way in which teachers teach and students learn.
  • A number of organizations now recognize the effectiveness of podcasting in education and are working to promote this valuable technological tool throughout all aspects of student learning.
  • However, with the ease of finding the software as well as the plethora of tutorials on podcasting available, getting your voice online and spreading your message should be a snap!
  • The most important piece of free podcasting software you can locate is what you use to produce this file, and it's also where most of the non-free hardware will be used.

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