Sentence Examples

  • The specific rights vary from video to video, so you'll need to read the information on each individual file to find out how long you have to watch a rental, how many copies you can make of the file, and other playback issues.
  • Mobile phones have come a long way since the days that they were only used for making voice calls, so the next time you want to choose a new cell phone, one of the features you might want to consider is video playback.
  • Here are three of the most popular MP3 cell phones on the market today, as well as a few notables that you should definitely look into if music playback is something that interests you in a mobile phone.
  • Despite the lack of official support for DVD playback on the Wii, the online community has come up with an unofficial solution that provides a "yes" response to our pressing question: Does Wii play DVDs?
  • Some other features on the Xbox include a 5x DVD drive that allows movie playback, support for broadband connectivity, an 8 megabyte removable memory card and HDTV support.