Sentence Examples

  • However, if you can't find a yoga studio or class that fits your schedule or special needs, the Yoga for Dummies series of multimedia may be just the key to getting you started on a new lifestyle path.
  • These include mobile operators like KDDI Corporation (Japan) and Telecom Italia (Italy), as well as other kinds of companies like Audience (voice processors), Intel, NVIDIA (graphics processors), eBay, and Esmertec (multimedia solutions).
  • When searching for courses on the UW System site, you can filter results by division, campus provider, specific degree program, or course delivery method (such as print, multimedia, or video conference).
  • Looking inside the box, you will find at least four accessories that will surely come in handy for all of your portable multimedia needs, whether it be listening to MP3s or surfing on MySpace Mobile.
  • There is an option to create a multimedia tree with audio and video clips.Produced by, this software makes it easy to find information on this leading genealogy database and merge it into your personal files.