Sentence Examples

  • Since podcasts are syndicated audio files that are distributed via an RSS feed, they work in the same manner as a typical blog feed or news aggregator, with one distinct difference: a podcast is an audio file.
  • For example, the students in Mrs. Wieland's Class Podcast have shared their excitement in learning about the life of monarch butterflies, Martin Luther King, Jr., and their class play, among other topics.
  • While a single music file will be easily downloadable with a little patience, you might want to pass on the hour-long podcast, and you'll have to accept stutters and stalls in your online radio programming.
  • To get your podcast to their server you can upload files directly for combining (there are no editing tools), use your computer's microphone and the proprietary web browser recorder, or use their telephone service to call in your podcast.
  • When you find a podcast on the Interner, usually it will show an RSS feed showing the most recent episodes of the podcast - usually with a date, a title, a description of the content, length of program - and a direct download link.