Sentence Examples

  • Hitherto facing S., they had now to face E., pivoting on the 5th Div.
  • The weights and money values are arranged on a vertical chart, the sides of which converge towards the pivoting centre of an index arm which is actuated by the weighing mechanism.
  • The mounted troops Kop. engaged a Boer force north-west of the point of Spion passage, but were brought back to take part in a general right wheel of the forces of the Tugela, pivoting on Trichardt's Drift.
  • These small cars are constructed so that the load may be dumped by pivoting the car bodies on the trucks.
  • The army merely swung backwards, pivoting on its left wing, the corps preserving their relative order as it had been on the 16th, with the exception that the Imperial Guard was withdrawn to the spur on which Fort Plappeville stands, and the 6th Corps (Marshal Canrobert) crossed the line of march of the 3rd and 4th Corps in order to gain St Privat la Montagne.