Sentence Examples

  • Like all the precious stones, the diamond was credited with many marvellous virtues; among others the power of averting insanity, and of rendering poison harmless; and in the middle ' Diamonds are invariably weighed in carats and in z, 4, a, 1, s, of a carat.
  • Buller, who arrived at Gubat on the II th of February, decided upon withdrawal, thus averting impending disaster, and by the 16th of March the Desert Column had returned to Korti.
  • In 1775 the settlement on the Nollichucky was forced to join the association, and in the same year the land was bought from the Indians in the hope of averting war.
  • The more subtle examples are inexhaustible in variety and resource; and perhaps the climax of subtlety is the almost entire absence of Leitmotif in the first scene of the third act of Gotterddmmerung, when Siegfried throws away his last chance of averting his doom.
  • Previously to 1320, what is now Vlachs towards combating or averting it.