Sentence Examples

  • At the village of Avery Island, about 10 m.
  • Avery, Cleveland in a Nutshell: An Historical and Descriptive Readyreference Book (Cleveland, 1893); James H.
  • The larger comprehensive histories of the United States by Bancroft, Hildreth, Winsor, McMaster, Von Holst, Schouler and Avery, the biographies in the "American Statesmen" series, and Hart's "American Natioh" series, are indispensable.
  • Then in the 1940s, another American, Oswald Avery, was able to show, through an ingenious method, that the genetic information had to be carried by the DNA.
  • In 1795 he fought a duel with Colonel Waitstill Avery (1745-1821), an opposing counsel, over some angry words uttered in a court room; but both, it appears, intentionally fired wild.