Sentence Examples

  • Immediately install good virus protection software and run it frequently to ensure the computer is protected from hacking, malware, spyware, and other potentially expensive and devastating problems.
  • The music in Amazon's digital store is more expensive than some other sites - 99 cents a track, usually - but you never have to worry about viruses and spyware, and once you have their software, you can download songs in a single click.
  • No matter if you operate a small office home office as a sole proprietor, or a own a small business with 100 employees on a network, spyware can negatively impact your productivity, and a loss of productivity means a loss of money.
  • Security issues, mainly spyware and virus attacks, are better handled with newer machines, as long as anti spyware and anti virus tools are installed on a "clean" machine--one that is brand new out of the box.
  • As with software, prevention is the key to dealing with this type of spyware, because new attacks occur every day, keeping anti-spyware program developers busy developing new codes to protect user computers.