Sentence Examples

  • Just typing "Old English" into a search engine may yield sites that have malware hidden in the background or that pretend to offer you free fonts, but those sites also make you sign up for an account for a certain monthly subscription.
  • However, it is important to evaluate which places actually offer free templates and which ones are actually simply portals advertising templates for purchase - or worse, that are trying to trick you into downloading viruses or malware.
  • Some malware pretends to be necessary software needed to view a particular Web site, while others utilize security flaws in Windows Internet Explorer and are quickly installed by users just visiting the wrong Web site.
  • Malware can hijack your browser, redirect search attempts, provide endless pop-up ads, track Web sites you visit, and make your PC unstable to the point of being unusable, or run slower than a moving glacier.
  • Themes - Designed for Windows computers, the themes range from cars to fantasy, and while they seem easy enough, it should be remembered that themes can carry malware that can put viruses on your computer.