Sentence Examples

  • In his negotiations with President Kruger one masterful temperament was pitted against another.
  • The only bright spot, as far as the British were concerned, was to be found in northern Cape Colony, where General French, with two cavalry brigades and details, by his skilful tactics and wonderful activity kept at arm's length a superior force of the enemy in the vicinity of Colesberg, an achievement the more noteworthy since he had pitted against him both De la Rey and De Wet, two of the three men of military genius produced by the war on the Boer side.
  • The surfaces are pitted all over with perforations of two kinds, viz.
  • The surface of the stones in the interior is often pitted, as a form of ornamentation.
  • The whole face of the land is pitted with ancient cisterns; indeed, many hillsides and fields are on that account most dangerous to walk over by night, except for those who are thoroughly familiar with the landmarks.