Sentence Examples

  • While at Parsons, Jacobs also achieved multiple honors such as the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble, the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble, and Design Student of the Year.
  • Getting the piece with a coin in it would mean you were going to be wealthy, while the unlucky person who got a thimble would never marry.
  • Give me my thimble, Miss, from there...
  • In the breeding season the male spins a bell or thimble near that of the female and joins the two by means of a silken passage.
  • The Pacific coast Transition zone is noted for its forests of giant conifers, principally Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, Pacific cedar and Western hemlock, Here, too, mosses and ferns grow in profusion, and the sadal (Gaultheria shailon), thimble berry (Rubus nootkamus), salmon berry (Rubus spectabilis) and devils club, (Fatsia horr-ida) are characteristic shrubs.