Sentence Examples

  • All you need is an outdoor-friendly menu (think carrot sticks, cheese sandwiches, pita bread, hummus, fruit, water and juice), a blanket big enough for all and a basket or cooler to tote your meal.
  • This Middle Eastern dip is always a healthy delight, and is wonderful served with whole-wheat pita bread and a vegetable platter consisting of raw carrots and sweet pepper slices.
  • Tzatziki is a delicious cucumber yogurt sauce that is the perfect topping for Gyros sandwiches and a great dip for pita bread.
  • We have had our fair share of pita bread and quite a few are familiar with hummus, a favored spread made from chickpeas.
  • Hummus: Used as a dip for whole grain crackers or pita quarters, hummus is high in protein, fiber, and healthy fat.