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  • Surya Brasil uses native herbs from Brazil and the principles of Ayurveda from India to create the perfect combination of innovative beauty products that include hair care, body care and even a line of men's skin care products.
  • Surya Tattoo - These are temporary tattoos that are 100 percent natural and vegetal composed with Jenipapo (the same plant used by Amazonian natives in tattoos), approved by the Brazilian Sanitary Surveillance Agency.
  • Out of that business, Clelia started Surya Brasil with a dedicated commitment to socially and environmentally responsible initiatives by creating body care products that were healthy and natural.
  • An astronomical work, called the Surya-siddhanta (" knowledge of the Sun "), of uncertain authorship and probably belonging to the 4th or 5th century, was considered of great merit by the Hindus, who ranked it only second to the work of Brahmagupta, who flourished about a century later.
  • Colebrooke (1817), and of the Surya-siddhanta by E.

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