Sentence Examples

  • Swine is a name properly applicable to the domesticated pig, but also includes its wild relatives.
  • The Indian wild boar (Sus cristatus) is slightly taller than Sus scrota, standing some 30 to 40 in.
  • - Wild Boar and Young (Sus scrofa).
  • Some doubt exists whether the pygmy hog of the Nepal Terai, which is not much larger than a hare, is best regarded as a member of the typical genus, under the name of Sus salvanius or as representing a genus by itself, with the title Porcula salvania.
  • The milk-dentition, and even the early condition of the permanent dentition, is formed on the same general type as that of Sus, except that certain teeth are absent, the formula being 13 i cl, total 34; but as age advances all the teeth have a tendency to disappear, except the canines and the posterior molars, but these, which in some cases are the only teeth left in the jaws, attain an extraordinary development.