Sentence Examples

  • Univittata of the Jaumave Valley, Tamaulipas, which furnish what may be termed the genuine ixtle fibre.
  • The " ixtle " fibres shipped from Tampico and Chiapas are all obtained from the agaves and yuccas found growing wild.
  • The natural and forest products of Mexico include the agave and yucca (ixtle) fibres already mentioned; the " ceibon " fibre derived from the silk-cotton tree (Bombax pentandria); rubber and vanilla in addition to the cultivated products; palm oil; castor beans; ginger; chicle, the gum extracted from the " chico-zapote " tree (Achras sapota); logwood and other dye-woods; mahogany, rosewood, ebony, cedar and other valuable woods; " cascalote " or divi-divi; jalap root (Ipomaea); sarsaparilla (Smilax); nuts and fruits.
  • The forest products of the state include rubber, resins, cabinet and dyewoods, deerskins, orchilla and ixtle fibre.
  • The preparation of ixtle fibre for export is becoming an important industry.