Personify Definition

personified, personifies, personifying
personified, personifies, personifying
To think or speak of (a thing) as having life or personality; represent as a person.
To personify a ship by referring to it as “she”
Webster's New World
To symbolize (an abstract idea) by a human figure, as in art.
Webster's New World
To represent (an abstract quality or idea).
This character personifies evil.
American Heritage
To be a symbol or perfect example of (some quality, thing, or idea); typify; embody.
Webster's New World

To be an example of; to have all the attributes of.

Mozart could be said to personify the idea of a musical genius.

Origin of Personify

  • French personnifier from personne person from Old French persone person

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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