Sentence Examples

  • Thenceforward the Sikhs believe the spirit of Nanak to have been incarnate in each succeeding guru.
  • This is an attempt to explain how it came that Christ, though incarnate God, could be in error, e.g.
  • 14 there is an allusion to the Word (= memra of the Targums), the Shekinah, and the Shekinah-glory, all of which the writer declares became incarnate in Jesus.
  • 13) along with the humbled or Incarnate Christ on earth, seem to fail of unifying experience even at the single point.
  • Hubert and Mauss interpret this to mean that the sanctity of the remainder of the herd was concentrated on a single animal; the god, incarnate in the herd, was eliminated by the sacrifice, and the cattle saved from the dangers to which their association with the god exposed them.