Sentence Examples

  • There have always been con artists who take advantage of legitimate services in order to perpetrate criminal acts.
  • He now signalized himself by his dissolute life and the ingenuity with which he contrived to perpetrate forgeries and other crimes without exposing himself to the risk of detection.
  • He preferred to be a man of pleasure and leisure, only awaking now and then to perpetrate some act of arbitrary cruelty.
  • On the other hand, if those in authority perpetrate in the name of what their society holds sacred, and therefore with its full approval, acts that to the modern mind are cruel, silly or revolting, it is bad science and bad ethics to speak of vice and degradation, unless it can be shown that the community in which these things occur is thereby brought nearer to elimination in the struggle for existence.
  • His funeral, which was attended by the representatives of the powers at Sofia, was interrupted by disgraceful riots, and an effort was made to perpetrate an outrage on his remains.