Sentence Examples

  • Finding the perfect silver case may take some creativity and some searching, but if you find one that works, it can perk up your bathroom counter and make it easier to travel with contact lenses.
  • Gas rebate cards have been around for some time, but it's becoming increasingly common for retailers to offer gas price discounts as a promotional perk to attract and maintain customer loyalty.
  • It is clear that most people don't plan on becoming mentally or physically disabled, and the lower premiums for healthier and younger individuals will be a perk if you decide to buy early.
  • These extra perk cards offer collectible incentives, discounts and deals relating to the interest or donate a percentage per dollars spent to a foundation or non-profit organization.
  • Another perk is that in the beginning, water provides a quick drop in weight - quick enough to keep you motivated during those first few hard weeks of a new diet and lifestyle plan.