Parchment Definition

The skin of an animal, usually a sheep or goat, prepared as a surface on which to write or paint.
Webster's New World
A written text or drawing on a sheet of this material.
American Heritage
Paper specially treated to resemble parchment, and used for lampshades, stationery, etc.
Webster's New World
A document, manuscript, or diploma on parchment.
Webster's New World
Paper made in imitation of this material.
American Heritage

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Origin of Parchment

  • Middle English parchemin, parchement (influenced by Medieval Latin pergamentum) from Old French parchemin from Late Latin pergamīna variant of Latin pergamēna from feminine of Pergamēnus of Pergamum from Greek Pergamēnos after Pergamon (Pergamum)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle English parchement, from Old French parchemin, via Latin pergamÄ«na, from Ancient Greek Περγαμηνός (PergamÄ“nos, “of Pergamun"), which is named for the Ancient city of Pergamon (modern Bergama) in Asia Minor, where it was invented as an expensive alternative for papyrus.

    From Wiktionary

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