Sentence Examples

  • It is written on thin vellum in four columns CUs.
  • Earlier than the 13th century are on vellum and later than the 14th century are on paper, and that MSS.
  • Generally from to 24 gores and two small segments for the polar regions printed on vellum paper are used for each globe.
  • Even after the introduction of vellum as the ordinary vehicle for literature papyrus still continued to some extent in use outside Egypt, and was not entirely superseded until a late date.
  • Other relics belonging to this period are the oath which John Hunyady took when elected governor of Hungary (1446); a few verses sung by the children of Pest at the coronation of his son Matthias (1458); 1 An example of this work, printed on vellum in Gothic letter (Augsburg, 1488), and formerly belonging to the library of Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary, may be seen in the British Museum.