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  • Web portals are companies like that host many different themes of games, from classics such as checkers and parcheesi to themed games with Dr. Seuss characters, Sesame Street muppets, and many more.
  • While today's familiar Parcheesi itself is an American patent, game enthusiasts of many other nations know how to play something similar including Parques of Columbia and Parchis in Spain.
  • Parcheesi is not nearly as popular as other board games available today; however, you can often find a friend or two who either knows how to play or would be willing to learn.
  • Parcheesi - A dice-based, multi-player game where players move their pawns around the board, trying to avoid capture while they return their pawns to their home position.
  • The Parcheesi game has been an American favorite since the mid 1800s, although the original version of the game was created in India in the fourth century A.D.

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