Sentence Examples

  • Free Translation is another online translation tool that offers a variety of widgets, apps, and buttons to help make online translation between French and English a relatively painless process.
  • Paperless applications make it painless to get the bookkeeping end of your sign-up completed, and money from sales is delivered promptly -just two days after the transaction- once things are rolling.
  • Shopping for a yellow 3/4 sleeve women's cardigan sweater can be quick and painless if you follow the right suggestions, but if you're just trying to locate one from a regular store, you might be disappointed with the results.
  • If you're uncomfortable with programming, using these options to piece together something you love is a painless and quick way to give your account an updated appearance.
  • Syphilis: In primarily syphilis, the characteristic symptom is the appearance of a chancre (painless ulcer) at the site of initial exposure (e.g. external genitalia, lips, tongue, nipples, or fingers).