Overdraw Definition

overdrawing, overdrawn, overdraws, overdrew
overdrawing, overdrawn, overdraws, overdrew
To draw on in excess of the amount credited to the drawer.
Webster's New World
To spoil the effect of by exaggeration; overdo.
Webster's New World
To draw (a bow, etc.) too far.
Webster's New World
To make an overdraft.
American Heritage

Commonly described in graphics technical terms as the process by which during the rendering of a scene, a pixel at a given X,Y location in the final image is replaced by one which is closer to the view point than the existing pixel as determined by their corresponding Z values.


A value determining/describing “Overdraw" or “Overdraw factor" is commonly the number of times each pixel would have been overwritten in the course of rendering averaged over a given frame or series of frames.


Origin of Overdraw

  • From over- +"Ž draw.

    From Wiktionary

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