Sentence Examples

  • Labels such as Biscotti, Baby CZ, D&G and Chloe manufacture adorable, high quality designs, none of which are particularly over-the-top when it comes to fashion, but include just enough pink and ruffles to make an adorable ensemble.
  • With all of these elements competing for attention, one might expect the Manor to be an over-the-top, ostentatious bag - but it's really quite the opposite, since only a few of these details are incorporated in a Manor bag at one time.
  • Any material can be installed on a backsplash, which means that you can have an inexpensive splash for one hundred dollars, or an over-the-top splash that costs ten thousand, which consists of a handpainted mural and decorative tiles.
  • No expense was spared with any of the over-the-top nuptials featured on the show, which only lasted for one season but helped launch a string of copycat reality shows featuring glamorous - and incredibly expensive - weddings.
  • Instead of the dark and shadowy realms of Burton's Batman world, the Schumacher versions in this movie are loud, in your face with bright colors and are so over-the-top that it's hard to take any of the characters seriously.