Sentence Examples

  • Just as nature exhibits to us the series of dynamical stages of processes by which spirit struggles towards consciousness of itself, so the world of intelligence and practice, the world of mind, exhibits the series of stages through which self-consciousness with its inevitable oppositions and reconciliations develops in its ideal form.
  • We progress by making explicit the oppositions contained in the fundamental synthesis, by uniting these opposites, analysing the new synthesis, and so on, until we reach an ultimate pair.
  • (b) From this it followed that difficult as we might find it to explain the relation of terms so remote from each other as sense and thought, the particular and the universal, matter and mind, these oppositions cannot in their nature be absolute.
  • In the form secundi adjacentis we only get oppositions, such as the following: - man is - man is not not - man is - not - man is not In the form tertii adjacentis the oppositions, becoming more complex, are doubled, as follows: man is just - man is not just man is non-just - man is not non-just not-man is just - not-man is not just not-man is non-just - not-man is not non-just.
  • Since that period discord had gained more sway; and the actual world was full of contrasts and oppositions, due to the combined action of both principles.