Sentence Examples

  • You'll pay a $40 one-time set up fee and a $2 monthly, per card fee, but the detailed reporting features and the multi-level controls that let you decide where and when your drivers can make purchase makes this a bargain purchase.
  • Whether you're a one-time mortgage client, a professional lender, or simply have a variety of mortgage-related experiences, you are welcome to make comments and add material to articles that will benefit the entire community.
  • Today, her full service studio offers classes for both beginning and advanced dancers, as well as traveling instruction booking, performances and events where you can take a one-time class in the Florida area.
  • When a formal occasion calls for a fancy dress, don't cringe at the thought of spending $500 for a one-time event; comparison shop online before you venture into stores to save time and quite possibly, money.
  • It is important to note that you do not have to purchase a monthly account or report unless you choose to; you can purchase a one-time report and score without signing up for a recurring service from Equifax.