Sentence Examples

  • The second treatise is addressed to J ohn the deacon (" Ad Joannem Diaconum "), and its subject is " Utrum Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus de divinitate substantialiter praedicentur."
  • Ohn of Salisbury, in his account of the controversies of these days (Metalogicus, ii.
  • Then they repeat the "Let us adore," the Lord's Prayer, and read the Gospel (J ohn i.
  • I The wakilu l-mulk, governor of Kerman, told Colone Goldsmid, when his guest in 1866, that his father had been Sii ohn Malcolms Mihmandar.
  • Certain letters, however, vary in pronunciation, and are distinguished by diacritical marks, a device orginated by J ohn Huss.