Sentence Examples

  • On this boat there are places for 16 oars a side.
  • Oars were made from them (Ezek.
  • The crew was supposed to consist of fifty, agreeing in number with the fifty oars of the "Argo," so called from its builder Argos, the son of Phrixus, or from apryos (swift).
  • The fact that the ships have oars and not sails makes it probable that they were rather for the sea than.
  • The advantage of this arrangement was that it left all hands free to fight, a barrier could be formed with the oars and yards, and the enemy's chance of making use of his superior numbers to attack on both sides would be, as far as possible, limited - a great point when all fighting was with the sword, or with such feeble missile weapons as bows and javelins.