Sentence Examples

  • Set aboard a grungy freighter towing oar for 'the Company', the movie has a look that owes a lot to the art of famed fantasy artist H.
  • Attained by the alternate dipping and feathering of an oar.".
  • He might have run past them by the use of sail and oar to escape, but with the true spirit of a Norse warrior he refused to flee, and turned to give battle with the eleven ships immediately about him.
  • Letters exist written by Colbert to the judges requiring them to sentence to the oar as many criminals as possible, including all those who had been condemned to death; and the convict once chained to the bench, the expiration of his sentence was seldom allowed to bring him release.
  • Thus, when acting as swimming organs, the appendages, or their rami, are more or less flattened, or oar-like, and often have the margins fringed with long plumose hairs.