Sentence Examples

  • In February 1856, while he was travelling abroad, he was nominated for the presidency by the American or Know Nothing party, and later this nomination was also accepted by the Whigs; but in the ensuing presidential election, the last in which the Know Nothings and the Whigs as such took any part, he received the electoral votes of only one state, Maryland.
  • First, for many years the Free-Soilers gained strength; then in 1855 in an extraordinary party upheaval the Know-Nothings quite broke up Democratic, Free-Soil and Whig organizations; the FreeSoilers however captured the Know-Nothing organization and directed it to their own ends; and by their junction with the anti-slavery Whigs there was formed the Republican party.
  • Adams; the Know-Nothings, Henry Wilson and N.
  • For the first time since my entrance into Radcliffe I had the opportunity to make friends with all my classmates...
  • The solemn nothings that fill our everyday life blossom suddenly into bright possibilities.