Sentence Examples

  • Amidst much that is valueless there are some useful notices concerning the state of agriculture at the time in different parts of England.
  • He did not suggest that every variation and every character must have a "selection value," although he pointed out that, because of our ignorance of animal physiology, it was extremely rash to set down any characters as valueless to their owners.
  • We may therefore expect in primitive asceticism to find many abstentions and much self-torture apparently valueless for the training of character and discipline of the feelings, which are the essence of any healthy asceticism.
  • On the other hand, principles are valueless without law and order; and Burghley's craft and subtlety prepared a security in which principles might find some scope.
  • This many-sidedness of view is illustrated by the curious blending of noble and merely utilitarian sentiment in his account of friendship: a friend who can be of no service is valueless; yet the highest service that a friend can render is moral improvement.