Sentence Examples

  • Abu-l-`Atahiya (q.v.), his contemporary, is fluent, simple and often didactic. Muslim ibn ul-Walid (ed.
  • Macdonald's Muslim Theology (London, 1903), especially the creed of Ash`ari in Appendix iii.
  • Falaba was founded towards the end of the 18th century by the Sulima who revolted from the Muslim Fula, and its normadic inhabitants soon attained supremacy over the neighbouring villages and country.
  • 44 ff.; Macdonald, Development of Muslim Theology, I10, 157, index.
  • 'alim, literally "knowers," in the sense of scientes), the learned of Islam, theologians, canonlawyers, professors, judges, muftis, &c., all who, whether in office or not, are versed theoretically and practically in Muslim science in general.