Sentence Examples

  • Daytime Wear: Although advertising certainly plays up the sex-appeal factor of the Live Luxe perfumes, since the musky and woodsy scents are tempered with notes of citrus and other fruits, it isn't necessarily an overly sexy scent.
  • The subtle blend of white flowers, vanilla and musk envelop the wearer in a warm and musky sweet scent based on the following artful blend of notes.
  • The musky odour from which the animal takes its name does not appear to be due to the secretion of any gland.
  • Her scent was distinctly female: rich, musky honey.
  • Moschata, 2 ft., with a profusion of pale pink or white flowers, and musky deeply cut leaves, though a British plant, is worth introducing to the flower borders when the soil is light and free.