Sentence Examples

  • She smelled of her own musk, strands of hair escaping her braid to tickle his face.
  • She rose and approached, resting back on her heels in front of him, close enough for him to smell her musk and feel her heat.
  • Among the more common species of game are squirrels, opossums, musk-rats, rabbits, racoons, wild turkeys, ", partridges" (quail, or Bob White), geese, and ducks; deer, black bears, grey (or timber) wolves, black wolves and "wild cats" (lynx), once common, have become rare.
  • The scent of her musk and sweat made him look longer than he intended to.
  • The family is connected with the Phalangeridae by means of the musk-kangaroo (Hypsiprymnodon moschatus); forming the sub-family Hypsiprymnodontinae.