Sentence Examples

  • A man by the name of Frank Shailor was credited as being the mastermind behind the toaster as a contained unit, despite the fact that there were already toasters on the market other than the one manufactured by GE.
  • Aware of the great need for a line that focused on the unique shape of a woman, the unlikely mastermind collaborated with his cousin Yomi Martin and friend Ian Kelly to launch the collection.
  • Along came Ryan Seacrest, mastermind behind Keeping up with the Kardashian's, which just happens to star Brody's dad, Bruce Jenner and the Kardashian girls, with a proposal.
  • Check it out for yourself at, though no promises can be made as to whether the mastermind behind PapoZao didn't start the site himself.
  • David Freedman, an Arizona State University alumnus and mastermind behind the Tempe-12 calendar, has stated that "stuck up" girls need not apply.