Sentence Examples

  • There is a national bank in Serajevo, which carries on a hypothecary credit business and manages the wholesale trade of the tobacco factories.
  • What remains to be done is, not to explain how such a world manages to be what it is, nor how we came to form these notions, but merely this - to expel from the circle and totality of our conceptions those abstract notions which are inconsistent and jarring, or to remodel and define them so that they may constitute a consistent and harmonious view.
  • The city maintains a workhouse (1882), also two market houses, and owns and manages an electric-lighting plant.
  • - The church in Hamburg is completely separated from the state and manages its affairs independently.
  • The central brigade came under the control of the Metropolitan Board of Works; and the County Council now manages the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, under a chief officer and a staff numbering about 1300.